Bicycle Paint & Decal Designs

Bicycle Paint & Decal Designs

Pictured here are some examples of version number one of paint and decal design for the innovative S-Rod bike by the legendary bike designer and builder, Gary Silva of 3G Bikes in California. The decal design drawing (3rd picture down) shows the updated decal and colour masking decal designs. The CMD (colour masking decals) are used by the factory to mask off the frame after the first coat of paint is dry, so they can paint the second colour on the front and rear of the bicycle frame.

All of the photos shown have had the backgrounds completely removed and a whole new background, tire shadows, reflections and floor Photoshopped in. Creating slick advertising material is a huge part of what we do here at Grafik.

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“I have known Liam Hayes for 17 years now so I guess you may say that I know him inside and out. I have never met anybody as talented as Liam. He is a very creative person. His graphics are the best. All you have to do is check out our website and the graphics on our bikes.  He is very easy to work with.  I give him a suggestion and he comes up with incredible stuff.”

Gary Silva –
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