Bicycle Saddle Retail Hanger Card

Bicycle Saddle Retail Hanger Card

This is a sample retail display hanger card for a series of bicycle accessories including cushioned bicycle saddles, bicycle lights, rubber grips, chrome grips, and bicycle locks. Creating visually attractive point of purchase designs is a very important part of retail sales. Once you catch someone’s eye, it’s important to then communicate the most important selling features of that item, quickly and attractively. As with all good branding, these cards were all consistent, creating a solid brand appearance and proudly displaying the 3G Bikes logo for easy brand recognition.

These were printed on high gloss, heavy duty,  plasticized and die cut cardboard with extra large hanger slots to accommodate a wide range of retail display hangers and display techniques.

Grafik Signature

“I have known Liam Hayes for 17 years now so I guess you may say that I know him inside and out. I have never met anybody as talented as Liam. He is a very creative person. His graphics are the best. All you have to do is check out our website and the graphics on our bikes.  He is very easy to work with.  I give him a suggestion and he comes up with incredible stuff.”

Gary Silva –
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