Electric Geckos Identity & Website

Electric Geckos Identity & Website

This was a tremendously fun project to build and tailor. The products being sold are all one of a kind, so they each have their own little bio with clever scripts built into the website. These scripts are a combination of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor – Originally called “Personal Home Page”) and CSS (Cascading Stylesheets – used for visual styling, like arrangement, colour and font size etc). These clever hand-written scripts do some pretty special things on this website. When a gecko is added to the site, that gecko’s page includes a “date tag” informing the PHP script of the date the gecko was born. That date tag is picked up by the PHP script where it calculates that geckos age based on today’s date. Each gecko added also has script “tags” that tell the website what kind of gecko it is and whether it’s male or female and if it’s on sale, available, or sold. All these tags are picked up by the website’s menu as well, so that when you select “Show Males Only” in the menu, it shows only that geckos that have the “male” tag. This is also how the website is able to filter results based on the the type of gecko or “morph” as they’re called. Morphs like “Carrot Tails” or “Lavenders” or “Albinos”.

With this advanced design and PHP and CSS coding, the process of adding new geckos to the site is a breeze.

This website is 100% Responsive.
Meaning, it will automatically and instantly adjust it’s layout, images sizes, and text to fit whatever devices you are viewing it on. Special style sheets have been hand coded to recognize what device the site is being viewed on and the website adjusts itself to fit that particular device for maximum readability and a better overall user experience.

Take a look at this site and see for yourself. www.ElectricGeckos.com

Let us know if you want us to build you a site like this for you.

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