Fun Logo Design Examples

Fun Logo Design Examples

These are just some examples of more playful logos. Logos that emote, and have a little more playful character that speaks to the upbeat personalities of the companies they represent.

Laurence Currie is a world famous and multi awarded and talented music producer from the East Coast who has worked with big names like Sloan, The Gandharvas, Gloryhound and many more. He’s contemporary and so his logo and website had to be as well. We incorporated the gold standard legendary Neumann U87 Ai Recording mic into his logo. You can see his simple website at where you can learn more about some of the many bands with whom he has worked.

The Fright Stuff is s company that supplies and “wrangles” all manner of creepy crawly (and sometimes cute) animals for films, including the hit Snakes On A Plane, The Cabin In The Woods, Omen 4 and the Netflix Daredevil series just to mention a few.

The Guild Of Rock, for example, is a logo for a Beatles cover band. They used this logo for merchandising as well as on their equipment, vehicles etc.

16 Volt is a world famous industrial metal band from California,  and this logo was designed for them for some limited edition merchandise. This is how bands make their money these days. Merchandising is key.

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