Bicycle Promotional & Support Material

Bicycle Promotional & Support Material

As with any business, there are lots of opportunities to promote your product and to build a strong visual and language identity to be associated with the company, its products and its services. For this company, we set out to illustrate and build a complete unique and explicitly detailed set of manuals to accompany each product. The manuals covered assembly, maintenance, safety and operation.

A promotional clear vinyl sticker set was also developed to hand out to dealers and at trade shows.

Grafik Signature

“I have known Liam Hayes for 17 years now so I guess you may say that I know him inside and out. I have never met anybody as talented as Liam. He is a very creative person. His graphics are the best. All you have to do is check out our website and the graphics on our bikes.  He is very easy to work with.  I give him a suggestion and he comes up with incredible stuff.”

Gary Silva –
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