SkullVault ~ Resource Book for Artists

SkullVault ~ Resource Book for Artists

These are some of the more artistic selections from a book of skull illustrations depicting human skulls in a wide and comprehensive variety of angles. This book is a reference book for tattoo artists and any artists who wish to create artwork depicting skulls.

There is no other book like this in the market.

When an artist sets out to illustrate, paint or tattoo a skull, most will turn to Google for reference material. There they will find a lot of low quality single images, none of which are in series.

This book is the first of its kind. It provides artists with a comprehensive set of anatomically accurate skull photographs showing all the different angles along with simplified skull illustrations designed for tracing and shadow reference, and providing accessory options such as hats, helmets and goggles.

This is a one stop shop for any artist who wants to illustrate, tattoo, draw or paint skulls, and is useful to any artist at any skill level. There simply isn’t any book like it out there.
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