Logo Design & Company Branding

It All Starts With A Conversation

The first stage in developing a good logo is conversation. In order for us to help you reach your target audience and to craft a logo that best represents your company and your vision of where it should go, we need to ask questions, we need to understand your company vision and your product(s).

Once we have a thorough understanding of what it is you provide and represent, THEN we’re able to discuss the visual identity and what might work best for your company and your products.

Narrowing It Down

There can be endless variations on a theme, as illustrated here with just a few subtle variations. As you can see here though, even subtle changes to the presentation of a few elements can really have a huge effect on how those elements appeal to the viewer.

Ultimately, as is the case with this logo, simpler is better.

In this example, again, the client chose to simplify.
The resulting wordmark, shown in the bottom illustration is clean and effective.

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