Packaging Design

Packaging for Improved Sales

We can design any type of packaging to suit your budget. We will design packaging to best represent your brand, your company and especially the product, making sure that it communicates directly to and appeals most to your product’s target demographic.

For example, the poster tube redesign shown here on the left incorporated three language descriptions of the products (posters and markers) inside, as well as previews of the other posters available, and all the necessary legal disclaimers, bar codes etc. These poster tubes were a game changer for DoodleArt, bringing them into the market with a strong and competitive presence.

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We enjoy creating eye-catching, attractive and effective point of sale packaging and promotional materials.

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We LOVE Music!

Any chance to work with bands is always taken. We’re very musically inclined here and can relate to that passion for expression and art, so if you have a band and want to get rolling with merch and album cover designs, let us know.

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