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Live type vs images of type.

Here at Grafik, we pride ourselves on designing and building state of the art custom websites. This means writing custom code, in order to make every page perfect. We’re able to bring you beautiful custom fonts in the form of live text on your website. Live text, rather than images, gives our clients an advantage in web searches and Search Engine Optimization, since live text is able to be read by search engines.

Why does this matter?

What this means for you and your business is that the written content of each page of your website, including that “stylized text”, is able to influence search engines as to how often and how high up on the list your pages appear in internet user searches. This is a huge advantage in the quest to have your website found, noticed and shared. So, being able to deliver great looking content that is also search engine optimized, means more exposure for your site and your company.

Cascading Style Sheets


The text above shows you one example of how live text can be styled using CSS coding. Your website can incorporate any typeface or font family you like. Anything from subtle drop shadows or glowing text to three dimensional looking text can be achieved using CSS coding. This is something we do really well here at Grafik.

We’re also able to develop fully customized WordPress sites for you. This means we’re able to go into the back end code of a WordPress template and change it to suit your needs. No longer are you restricted to only what colours, fonts and font sizes any WordPress template contains. We can modify that template to suit your needs, and to better represent you, your company, your brand or your product line.

All our sites are fully responsive. If you’ve heard that word but don’t know what it means in regards to website design, it means that the content of a website will be resized and reorganized to appear perfectly, whether viewed on a 24” computer monitor or on an iPhone. Each website designed by Grafik delivers all your website information in a adaptive design that reformats automatically to fit your smart phone screen (or any device) when viewed vertically or horizontally,

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